Each project will be made up of academic, industrial and government partners focusing on testing, safety and verification of CAVs.

The six future mobility simulation projects are:

  • VeriCAV – HORIBA MIRA is leading the development of a simulation test system with automated generation of scenarios and realistic virtual actors to validate CAVs and improve testing efficiency.
  • OmniCAV – Latent Logic, a young UK start up will be leading the consortium which will be developing a testing certification tool that can be used by accreditation bodies, insurers and manufacturers to accelerate the development of CAVs
  • COSMOS – A JLR-led simulation project to reduce sensor interference in traffic and improve safety
  • D-RISK – A novel scenario generator incorporating edge case scenarios to virtually validate a CAV’s decision making and qualify risk
  • Simulation of Complex Off Road Environments – Led by Cambridge startup Dynium Robot, this project will explore off-road simulation environments, aiming to reduce the cost of deploying autonomous vehicles on farms
  • Sim4SafeCAV – Also led by JLR, this will combine simulation with safety for SAE level 4 autonomous vehicles