Verification of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) are becoming increasingly sophisticated; yet questions remain around their safe deployment onto public roads. Simulation can help to answer many of these questions.

Running real-world vehicle safety tests is time consuming, resource heavy, and expensive.

Advanced simulation, improved modelling techniques and the creation of ‘digital twins’ will be critical in speeding up and reducing the cost of CAV deployment.

VeriCAV can recreate countless scenarios of varying complexity and run repeated trials in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the cost. This means CAVs can be validated and verified to a greater degree before they reach the road.

Advanced simulation

VeriCav is a modular and flexible platform to allow Automated Vehicles to be efficiently tested in simulated environments. VeriCAV automates the process to generating and analysing Complex driving scenarios populated with other Realistically-behaving road users.